About IADK

IADK is an organization established in 2004 in Vushtrri, which is engaged in rural development, for creation of better socio-economic conditions in rural areas, reduction of unemployment and imports, production of healthy foods, rational use of natural resources and environment protection in Kosovo.

Since its establishment, IADK has served as a good example for the form of organization, commitment and transparency at work by increasing the number of external partners, number of beneficiary farmers and in this way increasing the work volume and the number of professional staff.

IADK cooperates closely with farmers in Kosovo and their associations, other nongovernmental organizations, municipalities and government authorities, by paying attention to diversity and inclusiveness in all its activities. As an organization composed of a professional staff, IADK aims at developing the farmers’ production capacities, increasing their market competitiveness, disseminate knowledge for best practices of agriculture production and home food processing, by lobbying for policies and projects which contribute to rural development in Kosovo according to EU standards.

In this context, IADK through its activities is engaged to help also the marginalized groups, ethnic and religious minorities, farmers and women housewives from remote rural areas.

For the work and engagement of IADK a great merit belongs to donors, partners and various sponsors for their generous support. Our work becomes easier thanks to the engagement of farmers to implement practically the gained knowledge by the advices or trainings organized by our experts.

For more information on IADK, please explore our web page and send us your comments and suggestions which will certainly help us improving this web page or our activities in general.