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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the web page of IADK.  As you navigate through the site, you will find out more about what our organization is doing in developing the agriculture sector in Kosovo.

It is worthy to emphasize that  2010 for IADK has been a successful year in all aspects, therefore the IADK staff is committed to keep the rhythm of achievements during this year and in the future.  

The capacity building of our organization occurred after engaging external consultants, which in close cooperation with the IADK professional staff have redrafted and adopted two main IADK manuals: the procurement and finance manual which were approved by the IADK Board of Directors in December 2010.

Monitoring and evaluation of IADK projects for 2010 and the adoption of the 2007-2013 strategy have as well represented a clear orientation for IADK. This year is characterized with increase of the number of donors and partners such as European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo, CoS, USAID/KPEP and by the expansion of our activities throughout Kosovo; in reflecting on the duplication of staff.  

After the support of MAFRD with subsidies, farmers have started to work towards extending their farms and this is manifested as well to IADK beneficiaries, as a significant number of them have benefited from this support.  

As a persisting challenge for IADK is the increase of know-how and the use of new techniques and technological equipments from farmers and beneficiaries of our programs; in order to increase the productivity, quantity and quality and for the reduction of the production cost.

IADK believes that by a close cooperation between its professional staff, municipalities, MAFRD as well as international partners, we will achieve the production of high quality food and we will contribute to import substitution and to new jobs opening.

I hope this site will provide you with necessary information and we welcome your comments and suggestions which help us to develop the IADK web page.

Zenel Bunjaku

Executive Director