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Two agro-meteorological stations installed

On 7 May 2012 IADK installed two agro-meteorological weather stations, one in village Vaganica of Mitrovica municipality and the other in Pestova village of Vushtrri. The first one with the apple module, and the second one for potato.

Installation of these devices is done by the project "Education and Consolidation of farmers in Kosovo", supported by donors FCA from Finland, CoS from Sweden and EED from Germany. 

These agro-meteorological weather stations enable the weather prognosis as well as indicate the diseases and pests which eventually appear at apple and potato at certain climate conditions (heat, moisture etc).

Farmers can receive the prognosis data and information on the necessary measures for preventing the diseases and pests which appear at those certain weather conditions.

IADK remains committed to support the advancement of agriculture technology which contributes to the agriculture development in the country.