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Equipments and trainings for women association “Begatia” in Runik, Skenderaj

In order to empower the women association “Begatia” in Runik village,  IADK has  deliver inventory which is necessary for the function of association's office. On 24th of April the delivery of equipments is done for association “Begata” in Runik village, including computes, tables, chairs and other spending materials which are necessary for the office needs.

In order to empower the women association “Begatia” in the managerial aspect, IADK has organized trainings for managing the association. This training was attended by all members of “Begatia” association, where the number of participants was 15.

Woman association “Begatia” is supported by IADK, through its project “Promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock and Fruit processing in Mitrovica region”, which is financed by European Union, through the EURED grant scheme.

Members of the association will be supported also with English language courses and courses for computers.