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Visit in Macedonia for acquiring and exchanging experiences

On 19 through 21 October, two representatives of the processing department of IADK accompanied by 8 women (participating in training projects of IADK's) have visited Macedonia. Host of this visit was the Farmers’ Federation of Macedonia, coordinated by Mr.Arben Halili. The visit was focused in Gostivar, Tetovo and Strumica.

On the first day they visited the dairy industry "Fejzi" in the village of Great Turçan Gostivar, where they were accompanied by the owner of this industry. Ms. Gezime Fejzi. She explained to the group of women, the amount of milk that is produced. During the summer she processes about 6000 litres of goat and cow milk per month, while during winter  about 4000-4500 of cow milk. The women were able to see firsthand the whole course of action of processing 24 different types of cheeses: its processing, conserving and preserving. Besides cheese, as a secondary product yogurt and quark.


The processing company "Green Product" in the village Xhepcisht, Tetova was visited in the afternoon. In this company the following products were conserved: ajvar with eggplant, chilli ajvar, ajvar with tomatoes, carrots and rosemary, peppers stuffed with cabbage, white pepper, red pepper, cayenne, white cabbage, mixed salad,  chilli etc.


Vegetable processing company "EXTRA Fungi was visited on the second day. The owner, Mr.Sashko received the women and introduced them to his employees. In this company they first receive the raw material, then they classify it in two parts: the part for deep freezing and the other part that is then used to produce tea. In another section, classification and drying of mushrooms takes place. In the afternoon, a visit was made to Czech-FAM company, where marmalade was produced as well as mushrooms were cultivated.


On the third day of the visit, the women's group was met by a group of Macedonian women who processes fruits and vegetables in a home made way. These products were served to the visiting group. The women were able to see the whole process on what is happening from the moment when products are received to its last stage -- preservation stage.


After completing the planned schedule, women engaged in a social activity, by visiting Koleshina waterfall.


Outcomes from the visit

  • The group of women is familiar with various methods of vegetable production and conservation, ranging from traditional to most advanced methods.
  • After visiting the dairy industry women observed how processing and preserving is done.
  • Became familiar with the functioning of the market of agricultural products
  • Were introduced to the possibility of collection of different products and their preservation.
  • Familiarity with the process of conservation and processing of fruits and vegetables
  • The group of women was able to establish numerous contacts with women who produced homemade products.