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Strawberry Day 2010

Strawberry Day- which was initiated and organized in 2009, became an annual event and in 2010 and the event took place on June 15th in Skenderaj. It was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), Skenderaj Municipality and IADK.

Opening speakers were Mr. Blerand Stavileci (Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Developmen)t, Mr. Avdyl Imeri (deputy president of Skenderaj Municipal Assembly) and Mr. Zenel Bunjaku (Executive Director of IADK).

Acknowledgements and gifts were awarded by MAFRD to 4 farmers for their contribution and achievements - one was a beneficiary of the FCA project in 2008 (Mr. Hetem Balaj)Three acknowledgments to organizations for their contribution included IADK as well. In addition an acknowledgement was given to Mrs. Hanumshahe Zeneli from IADK for contribution on the strawberry processing.

  1. The best producer of the strawberry saplings - Xhavit Mulaj, Lluka e Epërme, Deçan
  2. Best strawberry producer- Armend Malazogu, Kravarica, Gjilan
  3. Best open field strawberry producer- Hamdi Hasani, Dabellde, Vitia
  4. Best strawberry producer in the protected environment – Hetem Balaj, Llausha, Skenderaj

Acknowledgments were given to organizations for their contribution to the strawberry cultivation in Kosovo:

  1. IADK
  2. Inter Coperation
  3. Care International
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