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Visit to Macedonia of the farmers from Mitrovica Region

From 7 to 10 November 2011, 10 sheep and goat farmers from the Mitrovica region, organized by IADK,  have participated in a study visit to Macedonia. The purpose of the visit was to exchange professional experiences between the sheep and goat farmers in both countries. The visit had the following main activities: processing of milk into cheese, ways of maintaining sheeps and goats, the feeding of sheep and goats, processing of various types of cheeses, types of diseases that affects sheeps and goats, ventilation of farms and the production of organic products.

Our farmers have met the representatives of the Macedonia farmer’s federation, Arben Halili and they visited the dairy production company Fejzi. In this factory they have seen how a family which had been working for 25 years in a cheese and milk processing factory in Italy had learned to make  over 23 types of cheese and  their  production is being currently sold to the the local market in the city of Skopje and Gostivar.

Our farmers visited the slaughterhouse in Gostivar where they were informed of all processes that occur from slaughter to processing of final products such as fresh meat of packed in a various ways, meat conserved in various forms etc..

In village Poroj, municipality of Tetovo, our farmers visited the factory of the milk processing into the cheese. They were currently processed 16.000 liters per day. This factory was established in 2006 with a capacity of 3000 liters per day.

Also, the farmers had a meeting with the director and chairman of the Macedonia Farmers Federation in Skopje and the main topic of the meeting was the subvention of the sheeps and goats sector.

The next visit was to an Alpine goat farm which is certified as a Bio farm. The location of the farm is in a mountainous area away from industrial areas and farmer had enough pasture and land for cultivation of grains and voluminous food for his farm. He owned 180 Alpina race goats.

The veterinary station in Skopje was also visited by our farmers where local media/television were present, our farmers were introduced as guests from neighboring state Kosovo ,the representative of IADK Xhavit Shala has given an interview  related to the purpose of the visit and explained the cooperation between the Federation of Macedonian farmers IADK's.

IADK remains committed to support the exchange of experiences of our farmers with farmers of the neighboring countries and farmers of the EU countries in order to promote agricultural practices.

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