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IADK supports a goat-keeping farmer in Bajgora village with processing equipments

One of the main problems that goat farmers in Mitrovica region is the lack of processing capacities of goat milk. So far the dairy plants do not collect the goat milk, whereas farmers make the processing of milk in non-hygienic conditions which do not comply with milk processing standards.
In order to contribute to solving this problem, on 2011 IADK has supported the establishment of a goat milk processing point for cheese production with all processing equipments. IADK has selected the farmer Agron Istrefi from Bajgora village of Mitrovica municipality as the beneficiary of the  equipments  goat milk processing.

All equipments were delivered and installed in the goat cheese processing point. Having in consideration the lack of experience in goat cheese processing, IADK has engaged one expert of goat milk processing expert from Macedonia to train the staff of this processing point. Training was held in the premises of this processing point and the staff was trained in processing three types of cheese, in reduction of production cost and in improving the quality of milk. The beneficiary was trained to process the white cheese, curd and buttermilk processing.

By the use of new technology it was achieved the reduction of production cost. The beneficiary used to make one kg of cheese with ten liters of milk, while after the training and the use of equipments he is using 6.5 liters of milk to produce one kg of the same type of cheese. Hence the beneficiary achieved to save 3.5 liters of milk which is in an amount of €2.1 to € 3 per 1 cheese kg, depending on the price of the fresh milk.

Also, a design company was contracted for designing and printing the logo and labels for the milk products.  This company has designed the logo for 4 types of products; white goat cheese, gauda cheese,  kumesht and curd. The beneficiary started to apply the labeling in his products and during this period he entered into the market with the labeled products.  

IADK is committed to support farmers which are interested to cultivate best agriculture practices which contribute to agricultural, rural and economic development in Kosovo.

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